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Is it too Late to Improve My Heart Failure?

If you’ve experienced heart failure, we can help you keep leading a fulfilling life

Approximately 6.2 million adults in the United States have been diagnosed with heart failure. So if you are an American living with this condition, take heart in knowing that you are not facing it alone.

Heart failure is a condition where your heart is unable to pump a sufficient amount of blood and nutrients­ to your organs. In other words, your heart can’t keep up with your body’s workload. Common symptoms include shortness of breath from daily activities like grocery shopping or climbing stairs, feeling frequently tired or weak, weight gain (often associated with swelling), and trouble breathing when lying down.

There are many types of heart failure, and though a serious condition, many people with heart failure go on to lead happy, fulfilling lives with the aid of heart failure medications, positive lifestyle changes, and routine care from their cardiac team.

Don’t Wait

Early diagnosis and treatment can help improve your quality of life with heart failure. If you are having symptoms, make an appointment today. We have 16 convenient locations in South Jersey.

Because at Cardiac Partners, helping you live life to the fullest is what we live for.

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