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Should I Be on Blood Thinners?

Blood Thinner 101

Simply put, blood thinners make it easier for your blood to flow through your veins and arteries. They are also used to keep blood clots from forming or growing larger. They can help treat certain types of heart disease and heart defects, and protect against heart attacks and strokes in certain individuals.

You’ve probably seen commercials about them on TV or in magazines. But blood thinners also come with some risks, which is why it’s important – as with any medication – to speak with a specialist who understands them. Which one might be best for you. Their risks. If they can be taken along with other medications you might be currently taking. Most important, if you even need blood thinners at all.

Roughly 2 to 3 million people take blood thinners every year, for reasons ranging from heart and blood disease, irregular heart rhythms and deep vein thrombosis, to having experienced a previous heart attack or stroke. Some people only need them for a few months. Some take them long term. But these are things only your doctor can determine.

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