Surgeons Performing Surgery

What We Do

We provide patients in South Jersey with innovative cardiac solutions across a comprehensive range of care, from diagnostic testing and minimally invasive procedures to advanced cardiac surgery and managed rehabilitative support.

Cardiac Diagnostic Testing

Tests are often required to confirm or rule out potential diagnoses. We deliver state-of-the-art cardiac diagnostic testing to allow for a timely and accurate diagnosis to create your personalized care plan.

Cardiac Surgery

When cardiac surgery is necessary, Cardiac Partners offers the most advanced cardiac surgery services in southern New Jersey. Our nationally recognized cardiothoracic surgeons offer a full range of state-of-the-art surgical treatment options, including application of nonsurgical and the most recent, innovative surgical techniques.

Nonsurgical Cardiac Procedures

In addition to having access to a wide array of cardiac solutions, our team of interventional cardiologists are the most experienced in the region, providing an array of minimally invasive (nonsurgical) cardiac procedures and treatments for patients with structural heart disease.

Arrhythmia Management

There are a range of treatment options to manage arrhythmia. Cardiac Partners offers the most advanced technology for diagnosing and treating complex heart rhythm disorders. 

Cardiac Rehabilitation

Cardiac Partners offers the largest rehab program in South Jersey.  Cardiac rehabilitation focuses on patients who have had a recent cardiac-related event, with the single goal of helping patients return to the highest level of heart health, performance and well-being.