Heart Health Outcomes of COVID-19

Although health professionals knew early on that contracting the COVID-19 virus could lead to respiratory infection and permanent lung damage, it’s now becoming more clear that the virus could have lasting effects on the way your heart works as well, even Read More »


The Effects of Smoking and Heart Heath

It’s long been known that smoking is one of the leading causes of lung cancer in America. But did you know it can greatly affect the health of your heart too? Despite smoking rates in the United States continuing to decrease, down to just 14% of the popu Read More »

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Is Daily Aspirin Therapy Right for You?

Is Daily Aspirin Therapy Right for You? “Daily aspirin therapy can be a lifesaving option.” Says Enakshi Bajpai, D.O., Cardiologist at Inspira Health and member of the Cardiac Partners at Cooper and Inspira network. “But it isn’t for everyone. It’s impor Read More »